Ashtanga Yoga

Knowledge that flows from the mouth of a guru alone bears fruit. Others, that are weak and tiresome, prove fruitless. After finding a yoga-qualified guru and obtaining yoga instructions from him, one should practice according to the directions given by the guru, diligently and with faith.

At Ashtanga Yoga we offer Teacher Training courses in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga among other short-term yoga programs customized to suit your needs.There are several reasons why people want to do a Teacher Training Course in yoga among which improving or deepening their practice is the most common one. So whether you want to further your practice and knowledge to teach better, help others or learn and take it as a career, this course provides an opportunity to deepen your practice, become more mindful and gain a better understanding of Ashtanga Yoga or Hatha Yoga. Also, study the theoretical, physical and spiritual components of Ashtanga Yoga or Hatha Yoga in a disciplined & encouraging environment.Our Ashtanga and hatha yoga teacher training course suits all levels of yoga practitioners. So whether you want to teach yoga or not this course aims to rekindle your passion towards yoga & at the same time giving you a deeper understanding of the basic principles of Ashtanga yoga or hatha yoga.